Tennis Player OS


Tennis Player OS is a must have Notion template for tennis players, parents, and coaches. It is a complete all-in-one system to manage your tennis, track improvements, set goals, and more...

You can manage your tennis with six tabs:

1) Goals

  • SMART goals system
  • Separated between process, improvement, and performance goals

2) Training Zone

  • A database to store all the coaching advice you have been given
    • You can organise this by priority and date added
  • A way to track improvements in all areas of your game with 11 exercises provided

3) Match Reports

  • A template to write a pre match plan and a post match report
  • A database to store match statistics with adjustable targets and progress bars

4) Strength & Conditioning

  • A space to keep track of sessions and separate exercises by old and new
  • Write your reps and loads within each exercise entry

5) Player Loads

  • Enter your training load and see how you have had a spike or dip in load - this is vital for preparing for upcoming tournaments
  • Keep track of your sleep and energy levels throughout the year - you can use this to see if there is a correlation to your results

6) Food Diary

  • A table to plan your meals for the week
  • A database to store recipes and easily choose meals when you are planning

Also, on the homepage there is a tournament calendar. Within each tournament entry, there is a table to keep track tournament details such as: entry deadlines and withdrawal deadlines.

This Notion template is a no brainer if you want to manage your tennis better and improve faster...


You'll get an all-in-one system to manage your tennis and track improvements.

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Tennis Player OS